Fit Kitchen Play-By-Play

Seasonal campaign work for Stouffer's new line - Fit Kitchen. Dishes full of personality and a multi-channel campaign crafted with a wink. 

Digital Campaign & Responsive Web Design



To help support "This Is Fit" messaging we developed an array of sports related content spanning across all of Stouffer's owned channels. Content ranged for stills to gifs to scratchreel. 




Since this was a new product line for the brand, we wanted to make sure there was a hub of information on the website. This responsive landing page was designed to give an overview of the flavors, some nutritional information, as well as a little taste of what we're doing on our social channels.



At the end of the summer campaign, Fit Kitchen won Nestle North America's internal competition for best branded marketed. The work included on this page was directly named in the award as work that helped move the needle on awareness and sales goals.

Swift + A Possible Agency
Creative Team: Aaron Fieger, Otis Rubbottom, Nick Bynum, Sarah Murray, Holly Stout, 
Sound Design: Digital One