Google 2016 Olympics

Oftentimes the "go-for-gold" moments go beyond the arena and become the moments everyone is searching for.

In 2016 the Google Brand Studio and CAP team asked for a nimble creative team to embed in their SF offices for the duration of the Olympics. For three weeks straight we created real-time content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Trends Hub  - responding to the world's top trends around the Olympic events. 

Real-Time Content Creation

Swift + A Possible Agency
Client: Google Brand Studio
Team: Aaron Feiger, Rick Albano, Blakey Dawdson, Will Holmes, Will Paugh, Jake Matthews, Kate Drumbell, Casey Sperzal, Keith Kunis, Nathan Lattanazi

2017 Shorty Awards Winner in Multi-Platform Campaign and News & Media, Finalist in Live Events, Gold Distinction in Data Visualization
2017 Clios Shortlisted in Social Media
2017 D&AD Wood Pencil in Branding: Digital Brand Expression