LUNA Bar - Equal Pay Day

To bring awareness to Equal Pay Day 2017, we teamed up with Lean In, the AAUW, and Gina Rodriguez for a campaign focused on knocking out the 20% pay gap. The campaign was meant to show strength while bringing awareness and action to an issue that affects all of us.
Digital Campaign


LunA Bar Equal Pay Day


LUNA Bar has stood for women’s equality for over 20 years - but in such a humble way that nobody knew. Our challenge was to bring awareness to their new Equal Pay Day 2017 initiative, while staying true to the brand.

Our approach — focus on small, daily actions we can all take to fight the gender wage gap. Through a partnership with Lean In, AAUW, and Gina Rodriguez we brought this robust campaign life across the web, social, film, partnerships & influencers, and PR executions.


Small Talk

A four part series of short videos. Each one focuses on a different moment that inspired Gina in her fight for equal pay.


Small Acts Hub

A digital hub containing suggestions for small actions everyone can partake in to promote equality in their daily lives.

This new page held the most-time-spent-on-page record for lunabar.com (2017) and resulted in direct clicks to product.



Hey gang, try making your everyday language more inclusive by finding different words than “guys” when addressing mixed gender groups. The simple things we say can reinforce or combat gender bias. Try using “team” or “all” in emails, meetings, and office conversation.


Siri and other digital “butlers” are there to serve our every need and whim. Ever notice those butlers are usually female? Unconscious bias creeps in when the voice of a digital aide always defaults to that of a woman. Switch up your routine by changing Siri to a male’s voice. Consider Morgan Freeman on Waze for empowering directions such as "The time has arrived, President Wazer. The world awaits your commands.”


Social Content

Custom content for @lunabar, @aauw, and @ginarodriguez.

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2018 Campaign US’ Inclusive & Creative Top 2018


CNN, TODAY Show, People Magazine, Bustle, Hello Giggles, Ad Age, Latina Magazine, International Business Times, Glamour, Instyle, and Huffington Post


Lead Agency: AnalogFolk
Creative Team: Carren O'Keefe, Mike Houston, Jonanna Widmer
Director: Alexis Spraic
Production Company: Farm League
Photographer: Pamela Littky